Workshop on dry skin

Has dry skin been the bane of your winter season? You’re not alone, it’s a common problem bothering all skin types.
Amazingy welcomes you to join our FREE workshop on dry skin.
You’ll enjoy a cosy evening with Naturopath Alana and makeup artist Svenja, who’ll talk you through how to nurture your dry skin to a healthy radiant complexion.


You’ll also learn:
  • How to create a healthy skin barrier
  • What to look for in a product
  • Makeup tips for dry skin
  • Tips for dealing with dry skin
  • Kitchen ingredients to help heal from the inside out + recipes!

Hi, I’m Alana

Naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist with a special interest in working with the skin. Hauling all the way from Australia, I hope to bring some insightful tips and tricks to Berlin. I find working with the skin gratifying because it’s the bodily system that can see drastic change, even if only after small tweaks. But also when the skin improves there is a positive shift in attitude in the person too, and this is the real beauty.

The workshops

Workshops take place at the Amazingy Showroom in Berlin and vary in topics. The ultimate goal is to educate on holistic, wholesome health and promote overall beautiful radiant skin.

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