Come and get to know the different energies of your menstrual cycle!

We’ll talk about what is going on physically and emotionally in the female body throughout the cycle and find out how Femna’s herbal blends and aromatherapy can help us take care of ourselves and balance our
hormonal systems.

We’ll taste tea cocktails and try out essential oils and there will be room for
individual questions. Additionally, learn some easy yoga poses that can help with menstrual discomfort.

This event will be held in collaboration with Femna Health. Hannah Pehlgrimm is a women’s health expert at Femna Health and runs a natural health practice.

11-11:55am Intro to the „Inner Seasons“ – Menstrual Cycle Awareness.
12-1pm Herbs & Aromatherapy for the female cycle.
1-1:30pm Room for questions on female health and the menstrual cycle.
1:30-1:50pm Yoga for menstrual discomfort – join in!


As space is limited, we would kindly ask you to RSVP in advance.
To reserve your spot, simply send an email to [email protected] including your personal info.

When? Sunday January 20th
from 11am to 2pm.

Where? Amazingy Store, Pettenkoferstraße 12, 10247 Berlin